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Monumetric is another great option for ad networks for bloggers just getting started. It also only requires 10,000 sessions to get started. 

The catch is that they charge a $99 setup fee if you have fewer than 80,000 page views per month, which they deduct from your earnings.

They first started out as publishers, and then moved into an ad agency, which gives them a unique perspective and understanding of the needs of publishers, not just advertisers. 

Screenshot of Monumetric home page for publishers

They have personalized support, offer lots of customization, and ensure mobile optimization of their ads on your site. 


Most importantly, though, they have one of the lowest commission rates in the industry at just 15-30%, compared to the industry standard of 40-60% commission–which means you make more money from each ad campaign. 

Additionally, Monumetric has four different tiers of service and ad management based on the number of page views your site receives–from their entry-level tier which starts at 10,000 monthly views, all the way up to their top tier, which is anything over 10,000,000 page views per month. 

That means Monumetric can truly grow with your online business–and you can continue to grow your ad revenue, without skipping a beat. 

Also, they offer a free site audit and consultation if you meet their minimum requirements. It’s a great place to get started and chat with someone to see if this is the right ad network for you.

While Monumetric takes a higher commission than Ezoic, it’s still pretty low (15-30%) and lower than the industry standard of 40-60%.

Monumetric charge a fee to leave if you don’t give them 30 days notice, so be aware of that if you decide to “try” them and then change your mind. You’ll have to wait the 30 days or incur a fee.

What you need to know:

  • Payout Type: CPM
  • Minimum of 10,000 page views in 30 days to sign up
  • $99 setup fee if your site has less than 80,000 views per month
  • A minimum of 6 ad slots is required
  • Net 60 days payout schedule
  • Low commission of 15-30% 

Try Monumetric


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