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Issuu – one solution for sharing digital content

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Sell your digital publications commission-free.

Build a digital hub for your content and monetize your creations with ease. From single issues to recurring subscriptions, Issuu enables you to sell your publications online – without ever taking a commission.

Create once, share everywhere.

With great content at the core of brands everywhere, Issuu gives anyone the ability to upload and distribute their publications worldwide.


Content transformation and digital publishing happen in minutes, converting a single document into dynamic assets – including embeddable flipbooks, mobile-optimized articles, social stories, and GIFs – that work across all digital distribution channels, making it easier than ever before to scale content promotion and marketing efforts. 

Each day, more than 300,000 pages of content are uploaded to Issuu, allowing readers worldwide access to discover and engage with more of what they love, from magazines and newspapers to portfolios and catalogs. 

More than 1 million people across industries choose to publish their content on Issuu for better visibility, advanced analytics, commission-free digital sales, and more.

Their audience is rewarded with the best reading experience possible, regardless of device or platform. 


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