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Top AI Tools For Content Creation

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With ChatGPT taking the internet by storm, creators are reassessing their relationship with content creation. For many, content creation is an arduous but necessary process to help market art and products. 

Fortunately, AI tools can be used to help creators optimize their processes so that they can get back to making what they love. Below, we’ll showcase several AI tools for creators and small business owners alike designed to make your life a little easier. 

Should I Use AI as a Creator? 

Artificial intelligence is not without its controversy. Like any piece of technology, AI can be manipulated to serve the intent of its user, and without existing legislation, the field is somewhat of a wild west. 

It’s important to remember that AI is only as good as the dataset that it’s trained on. There is no active consciousness, and while that may squelch fears of a looming Ex Machina doomsday, it’s understood dataset biases lead to unbalanced leanings in the output of AI.


We may picture robots when thinking about AI, but in many cases, AI is just like any other productivity tool. AI can be immensely helpful for sparking ideas or slashing down the time of monotonous tasks that otherwise hold back creators. We’ll showcase several of these use cases below.

10 AI Tools To Increase Productivity

Without further ado, here are several AI tools that can be used to increase your productivity while building and creating content. 

1. Munch

Take the time out of repurposing long-form content into short-form videos. Munch automatically analyzes your clips imported directly or from a compatible website link and edits them into digestible snippets, even going so far as to create caption suggestions based on the analyzed content. 

2. Descript 

Podcasters, rejoice! Descript’s AI-powered audio and video editor will help you cut out those pesky “Um”s and dead spaces. The software is great for teams with plenty of collaborative features to help you pump out the best product possible for your audience. 

3. Colormind

Need to build a color palette for your brand? Your product line? Your next outfit? Colormind has got you covered. This machine-learning-based palette generator will provide you with a complimentary palette based on the image you upload. The site also provides plenty of examples to help with inspiration if you prefer a top-down approach. 

4. Remove.bg

This tool is simple and incredibly useful. Upload an image and the tool will instantly remove the background even around the tightest strands of hair and jagged edges. 

5. Runway 

This AI-powered video editor can help you make smart cuts, erase unwanted images or characters, and color grade based on text. The futuristic editor helps you cut down time on motion-tracking, transcribing, and more to help you get back to the parts of the process you love. 

6. Grammarly 

Grammarly’s AI-powered editor scans your text to check for the usual errors, but can also provide styling and phrasing suggestions at a moment’s notice. The service can also provide short-form framework for writing emails or other day-to-day tasks. 

7. FontJoy 

This AI font generator creates seamless font pairings to help inspire your designs. With simple toggle controls, you can quickly find the right match for your tastes. 

8. Sketch2Code

Perhaps one of the most exciting AI projects is coming out of Microsoft. This AI-powered software transforms drawn website mappings into wireframe HTML code. The tool makes it much easier for developers to start building out web infrastructure. 

9. Designs.ai

Yearning for a logo but don’t know where to start? Designs.ai provides you with AI mockups within a matter of minutes. These mockups can serve as detailed starting points for custom designers, helping you find and create exactly what you’re looking for faster. 

10. Let’s Enhance

Have you ever needed to upscale a piece of content only to notice that it has become heavily pixelated? Let’s Enhance uses AI to combat that issue, allowing creators to seamlessly upscale small resolutions without losing image quality. 

AI-powered software has the ability to cut out some of the more challenging, monotonous tasks that come with being a creator. Enjoy experimenting and executing with these futuristic tools! 


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