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How to join as Publisher?

The following article explains the sign-up process in detail.

Please note that Awin require a one-off 5 GBP/USD/EUR refundable security deposit to join the network. It will be paid back to you in your first commission payment or if you choose to close your account. Once you are approved onto our network you can then apply to join individual Advertiser programmes and create trackable affiliate links.

In order to start the sign-up process, please visit this link. You will be guided through a registration wizard. Each section is explained in detail below:


Account set up

Please complete the details:

  • Company Name: If you don’t have a company, fill in the name of your site. For example, the name of your blog.
  • Tax Residency
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Confirm Email
  • Password
  • Confirm Password

Promotional Type

  • Select your Primary Region
  • Select your Promotional Type: Select the Promotional Type that best describes your online activity. Ensure one is selected as your Primary Promotional Type. The main Type headings listed are: Content, Display, Email and Search. Read our article What is a promotional type and what should I select as a promotion type?  if you are unsure what type of publisher you are.

Promotional Spaces

  • Promotional Space URL: Add in your URL / Social Media page. Please be aware this needs to be accessible for public viewing. If your site is not yet live please add an alternative URL until this launches and provide details within the description.
  • Description: Write a description about your website. Provide as much information about your site as possible including any interesting features it may have and the methods you will be using to advertise our advertisers. Please also inform us if your site is still under construction for any reason.
  • Sectors: Choose the sector(s) relevant to your site. The options are: Finance & Insurance, Retail & Shopping, Telco’s & Services, and Travel.


Complete the details:

  • Country
  • Flat
  • Building Number
  • Street Name
  • City/Town
  • County
  • Postcode
  • Telephone Number

Then select the verification method: Invitation Code or Online Payment.  Why do I have to pay the sign up fee?

Registration Successful

You will see a notice on your screen to say “Registration Successful”.

Approval Process

Your application will be reviewed by the Publisher Services Team. A member of the Publisher Services team may contact you by email to request more information regarding your application if you have not provided enough for it to be accepted.

Once approved, you will receive an email from Awin (Note: check your spam inbox in case you have not seen the email in your main inbox). Click on the link inside the email to activate your User Registration. Please note, this activation link will expire after 30 days.

Get Started

Log in to your Publisher account at http://ui.awin.com using the email address and password you signed up with.


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