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Top 5 Freelance Jobs

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Stepping into the workforce does not guarantee us the dream job or the expected working life we’ve been playing over and over again in our minds. We might be having plans for the perfect working life with a balance of work, fun and quality ‘me’ time but the harsh reality of the workforce doesn’t work that way.

It is time! Why not try freelancing? Freelancing has grown to be a large, competitive and expanding market. Freelancing offers different kinds of projects ranging from easy to more challenging corporate projects.

Still thinking? Here are the top five freelance jobs.

1. Graphic Designers

People may have ideas but do not have the expertise to design it – be it a poster, logo or website. Most of us can create with free and less complicated applications on the internet but there is certain expertise such as Photoshop that requires professional services of a graphic designer. There are tonnes of graphic designing jobs in the market and freelance platforms and it’s a great opportunity to offer your services.

2. Photographers

A picture speaks a thousand words. Everyone can take a photo, but not everyone can take a photo that speaks life to it. A good visual will ensure that a product or business is attractive to the target group of customers. Hence, this is where photographers come in. Be it taking photos of food, architecture, products and even people; photographers should capture the essence of the message in the form of pictures and that is what makes it one of the top freelance jobs.

3. Writers and Translators


Once I heard someone said that language is crazy! Indeed there are some truths to the statement made. Language is crazy in a sense that it is not all about conversing but it is the art of using words to bring about a message that speaks to different categories of people. The same word can convey a very different meaning. For example: ‘Tear’ could mean the droplets of water coming out from one’s eyes or it could mean shredding something like a piece of paper. The art of language is hard to muster and that is where businesses require the professional services of writers and translators. Writers and translators play a key role in mastering the art of crafting content to suit the needs of a project. It could be creative writing, scientific writing, advertising or website content.

4. Website Developers

Website developing is one of the toughest jobs around the globe but there’s no denying that it has become one of the most wanted jobs currently. The world is moving towards technology and globalisation through the internet and websites are used to conduct businesses, interactive learning for students and so much more. There are platforms for instance Wix.com which enables people to create their own pages with the various templates but nothing beats a customised website developed for specific needs of a project. Website developers come in handy as they can create a website from scratch using coding and computer languages that normal people do not understand. They can develop the website to cater one’s preferences too ranging from the colour, fonts, language, interactive interfaces and so on.

5. Part-timers

Part-timers are such flexible jobs suitable for students, housewives and or any other individual looking for some extra cash. Most employers would offer part-time jobs for promoters for pop-up booths, retail stores, flyer girls/boys, and even roving promoters. There are also job opportunities for sales assistants for all kinds of businesses.


Truth be told, there is no job that does not require great communication. Communicative skills are the basis to understand and meet the needs of a project. A pleasant conversation with clients conveys confidence, commitment, self-motivation and a good first impression. Who knows? Perhaps one may have the chance to obtain more job opportunities.

While technical skills maintains as the core of a freelancer in any field, one could never afford to lose a little ‘magic’ – passion! Your passion and enthusiasm in your work shows self-motivation and commitment to the tasks at hand. A passionate worker gains the extra bit of trust from a client and they do really believe they hired the right person for the job!

Lastly, a freelancer should have excellent time-management. Freelancing is all about juggling between different projects with its various requirements and meeting customers’ datelines. Managing your time wisely for each job ensures you the best of both areas – having a work-life balance.


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