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Hello, Thank you for visiting this website, what is the purpose of the website, if you also want to share your knowledge on ebisz.com or want to help people then you are welcome. You can send me your post or we’ll publish it to us on this website

Keep these things in mind while writing the post

  • Your post should not be copied from anywhere, that means 100% new post should be written by you.
  • There must be at least 1 image related to the post.
  • The post must be at least 700 words, no matter how long it will last, but there should be talk of work in the post. Word count before sending post
  • The post should be useful, that does not mean that it is not useful.
  • You should have correct information about the post.
  • You can use English language in writing the post.

How should the post be

  • Must be at least 700 words
  • Must have an image, related to the post. You can use free stock image in post. Or download a copyright free image from Google, if you copy the image, then definitely give its credit link.
  • Write the post in short paragraphs, so that it is easy to read.
  • If you add a link in the post, then there should not be a link to any wrong site.

Ebisz.com Terms and Conditions for Guest Post

  • Once the post will be published on Ebisz, after that you cannot publish it anywhere else, not even on your own blog.
  • Any fake link in the post, or any such link which is not correct, will not be published with the post.
  • Your affiliate link will not be given
  • I can edit the post you will send to me according to me, so that it is right for the eyes of the eyes and the reader.
  • If the wrong things are shared on your blog, then the backlink you are getting from Ebisz can be no followed.

How to send post

You can write your post in any text file, ms word, html and submit it from the form.

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