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KoolStories: where your learning journey begins

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A smarter, faster way of studying and sharing skills. But don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself below!

Add value to your social behaviour

On average, people spend nearly 3 hours daily scrolling through useless content on social media.
Use your time better learning from our 1-minute video and audio snipts that make education engaging and synchronised with your attention span.

Learn faster, everyday

Micro-learning is 36% more effective than traditional eLearning methods.
With our 15 minutes mini-courses produced by accredited experts, you can learn any skill – anytime, anywhere.

Put your knowledge to test and earn credits

Improve your productivity by up to 42%
by practising what you are learning with short quizzes. Every correct answer earns you credits to purchase your next mini-course.

Your favourite expert, one touch away

Easily book a face-to-face video meeting with your favourite expert to speed up your upskilling journey anytime you want.


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